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Cum Bath from Reality Kings

I guess you are here cause you were in the mood for a new Bridgette B video update! Of course, you are right, there is always something interesting around here and we are glad to share all these kinky things with you. For today, we will provide you with an impressive blow job scene, just the way she likes to do it best. After watching a movie with her friends, Bridgette went into the other room with one of them, to take care of that boner that was in his jeans during the entire movie. She unzipped his pants and tool out that beautiful large cock, that was pretty much starring at her.

She started to kiss it all over, to touch it with her lips and to munch it just the way she loves it too! She took care of those shaved rounded balls too, sucking them and pulling them gently, until he was so hot that he spread his enormous jizz load all over her cute face and a bit into her blonde hair! But she loves the taste of spunk, so she doesn’t mind it at all! Have fun watching slutty Bridgette cause she won’t disappoint you this time either !bridgette-b-blowjob-reality-kings

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