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Bridgette B Video – Horny Housewife

Last updated: November 18th 2016
How are you today! Naughty, like always? Hope you are, cause the most recent Bridgette B video will blow your mind, so you have to be prepared for it! You got to have the proper state of mind for this, cause you will see some exclusive scenes with Bridgette B that will surely make you hard and naughty super fast. She it’s just this way, she likes to play with you and your mind, but actually, her favorite toys are cocks, and they always were! You gotta see her how she will munch and slurp this massive cock and how she will get it hard enough to get into her tight cunt! She adores to ride that colossal tool, stuff it into her wet and warm vagina, to feel it there.

Bridgette will shock you once again, but in the good way, with this impressive new video! She will let you take part of her latest sexual experience, with this new guy who adored to fuck her. And who wouldn’t adore to fuck her? Just look at her, how naughty she is with those bouncing huge tits, how she likes to be shagged for good by a cock! She is definitely going to hit you with this brand new update, cause she likes you to watch her doing all these nasty things! She loves it when she is being watched by others when she is fucking hard but she likes it most when you jerk off thinking about her!

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Bridgette B Video – Down and Dirty

The following Bridgette B video is very explicit, not that it’s going to be a problem for you! But, for this time, she is willing to let you be as close as possible when she is being deeply hammered by her new partner. Like the chick from ghettogaggers videos, she adores to be seen when she is moaning of pleasure, it makes her nipples go hard and pointy only when she is thinking about the fact that there are people watching her having sex, right now. It’s also making her more horny, so she will get that huge cock with more pleasure, now. She loves it when she is sitting on a side, cause the guy can have more access to her tight wet pussy, he can shove his tool more deep into her pussy.

But that’s not all of it, she likes fucking in all the positions ever, even if he’s on top, she is on top, doggy style or other different styles of fucking! Just have a look at this impressive video with her and her newest boyfriend and you will see it all, plus, you have got the chance to see her being shagged by that colossal tool several times in a row, just like she was dreaming about the whole day, cause that’s probably the only thing that’s on her mind all the time, cocks, cocks and cocks. Of course that she will end up having loads of creamy jizz all over herself, but she loves it when it’s ending this way! Enjoy!

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Bridgette B Ass Hammered

bridgette-b-ass-hammeredThe latest Bridgette B ass hammering session is right here, fully uploaded for you! Bridgette B. has her own private recipe for tacos. Her world renowned “Pink Taco ” has acquired some popularity, but she is not going to be able to take care of the demands with the shape her kitchen is in, right now. She contacted an advisor to see what he is able to do to fix the area up, but then he heard about her personal dish. Any cook really worth their salt gives free product samples, and Bridgette is no exception to this rule.

A tiny secret hot sauce recipe on a pink taco, and she’s all the way back in business. Watch her getting caught by this naughty advisor right into the kitchen. He is kind of bossy, cause he made her spread her legs wide open to make room for that huge cock to get into her tight pussy. These two will fuck right there, on the kitchen counter. It looks like this will be a successful recipe cause Bridgette learned how to get it done, just like that, nice and warm! Have fun and don’t forget to come back tomorrow, for more of her! For similar scenes click here and watch another beauty getting her tight asshole fucked!

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Bridgette B and Seth Dickens on Naughty America

OMG, check this out! Bridgette B is going to be hammered by Seth fucking Dickens, who happens to have one of the most amazing cocks ever!! Oh, she wanted to get this cock for such a long time that now that she met him, she was pretty nervous about it. Yes, Bridgette nervous, exactly! At first, when she noticed that superb cock, she took it into her hands and touched it. It was so lovely that she felt like her pussy was trembling! She was very eager to get that beautiful cock into her vagina, but at first, she wanted to see it bigger than it was in fact, so she took care of it. She started one of the most impressive blow jobs ever, licking every single inch of that gorgeous cock, even licking those rounded balls.

He was so horny that he wanted to cum but she needed to be hammered as well, cause she was waiting for this moments since she met him. Of course that he gave her the expected hammering, just the way she wanted, shoving his enormous tool deep into her tight vagina, going with pressure deep inside it. You gotta see the way she is moaning and rumbling! It’s one of the most mind blowing fucking sessions she had ever had in her entire life, and that’s a lot! You gotta see this video, but from the very beginning till the end, to see what am I talking about! Have a great time watching it! If you’re looking for similar free videos, visit website and watch another beauty sucking big cocks and getting her wet pussy fucked!naughty-america-bridgette-b-and-seth


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Naughty Office

Bridgette B is a slut no matter if she is at work or not. All of her colleagues know her and her slutty behavior so all the females are skipping her because they are afraid that she is going to steal their husbands and partners. And, as a matter of fact, the things are just like that, cause just like slutty MILF Mia, she didn’t miss one chance to fuck a guy, no matter if he’s married or not. For example, today, when her boss asked her to come into his office to discuss about a project, she thought that he just wants to fuck her hard. Not that it wasn’t true, but actually he wanted to discuss her too. But he didn’t had the chance because she suddenly stripped, without he even proposing her or demanding her to strip.

She needed to fuck too, cause she was horny since she arrived at the office so he didn’t even had to ask her too. Just take a look at this stunning video, to see how she is going to bend on that desk, stretching her buttocks and spreading her legs, just to let him come and take her, entirely. She will even spread her butt cheeks for him, to allow him going down there, to shove his enormous tool into her tight hole. She will end up, of course, having a huge load of jizz spread all over her breasts! It’s just magnificent, so glad you are going to watch it!naughty-america-bridgette-creamed




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Bridgette and Justin Magnum on Naughty America

Bridgette B is gonna have some naughty fun, this time with her good friend, Justin Magnum, who has a huge cock, just the way she likes it best! You gotta see this movie, just to watch her convince him to fuck her, not that it’s such a big deal, cause who wouldn’t like to fuck a sex addict who happens to be good looking, just like her? She has it all, great big boobies and a hungry pussy hole that always needs to be pumped, so there are always willing guys around, who wanna fuck her big time! For the today’s update, she wanted to be the one who is being fucked cause she just needed some attention.

She was the one who wanted to have sex, but she didn’t want to do anything at all, besides laying down and enjoying this proper hammering. Like the evilangels, she loves getting nailed in front of the camera! As for the guy, he happened to be also horny as hell, he just needed to shove his tool into something nice and warm, just like her tight pussy. At first, she didn’t do anything at all, she was just waiting for him to warm her up. And it turns out like he really knows what he was doing cause she ended up having her pussy on fire, that’s how good he is at it. After that, Justin stuffed his colossal tool into her tight pussy, going all the way down till the bottom of it! This is a freakin awesome video, you gotta see it!naughty-america-bridgette-b-fucked

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Outdoor Sucking

Bridgette B would like to freshen up for a bit, she just loves that, specially when it’s so damn hot outside. Luckily, there is a pool near her place and she likes to go there every now and then, mostly because there are lots of guys there, ready to fuck with anybody! So, as she arrived at the pool and she applied some sun protection oils over her sizzling hot body, she noticed that there was a very cute guy who was looking at her since she arrived. It was no need for something more than that, cause she wanted to have fun anyway. So they started to talk, while she was in the pool and he was on the poolside, but the thing is that she wanted something more than that.

Cause it was about the lunch time and everybody was in the restaurant, she looked around and because there was no one else around, she grabbed his huge hard cock out of his swimming trunks and she started to jerk that beautiful tool off, just the way she loves it most of all. She took care of that splendid boner, licking it from bottom to the top, going with her skilled lips all over it, even on those rounded balls of his. You gotta see this naughty update, to see how our gorgeous blonde likes to perform this incredible blow job right over there, in public, at the pool. She loves the risk, it makes her more horny! If you wanna see other beauties sucking cocks in public places, check out the public invasion site and have fun!outdoor-sucking-bridgette

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Bridgette B – Morning Breakfast from BangBros

Oh, Bridgette B really adores to be taken care of, to be kissed all over. She is the kind of babe that always needs attention and proper care. When her good old friend called to tell her that he’s back in town , the only thing she could think of was the way they used to fuck in the good old days. So she asked him to come over and repeat those naughty scenes, cause she really need to feel that he didn’t forgot her and her skills in the fucking area. Like the chicks from the big naturals blog, she is very skilled in sucking big fat cocks! Of course he didn’t forgot her, mostly because she fucks so damn good that no one could ever forget her unique way to cum.

As the guy entered the place, she gave him exactly what he was expecting for, a nice warm breakfast, the kind of meal that no one would ever forget, her tight warm pussy! Oh, that’s such a warm welcoming treatment! You will love this special edition of Bridgette B’s sexual experiences, so I’m glad I could help you with that! Have fun and see you tomorrow, at the same hour, to see what is she going to give or to offer! Bye bye!bridgette-getting-her-pussy-eaten

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Good Blowjob

There are a lot of types of women, but Bridgette B is the kind of babe that would do just about anything to make her partner happy and she will put her needs and desires on the second place. That was always her ideal and she did what she had to do, just to make her man go crazy about her. And she succeeded, I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to be pleased by such a hot piece of babe just like she is? No matter who is visiting her, and by that I mean only what guys are visiting her, cause she has no girlfriends at all, she has to be a very good guest, she has a very welcoming way to be. Just take a look at her, how amazing she is going to make this guy feel, at his first visit at her place.

She is just going to do whatever she can just to make him come back or, better said, cum back! Cause she will go down on her knees, ready for a great lunch: his amazingly huge cock, her favorite meal ever. She adores going with her mouth at that tool, she just love the way she feels it with her tongue, when she goes up and down on it. The poor guy will spread his jizz all over the couch and of course into her mouth, cause he is just amazed of her skills in this area! Have a great time with this video. For similar material, visit the site and see another gorgeous babe sucking cocks and swallowing cum!bridgette-b-blowjob-bangbros

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Rough Ride from BangBros

Bridgette B is probably the most slutty babe I’ve seen until now! All of her friends know that she can’t stay away from cocks, no matter what, so probably that’s why she has so few girlfriends and so many guys as friends. Cause the babes are actually afraid that she is going to fuck with their boyfriends, husbands or partners. And she will, cause she just can’t say no to a cock, specially if it’s a huge one, just like this one that you will get to see now, in this specific video update. She doesn’t mind that people say she is a slut, as long as she has her pussy stuffed. So, with that being said, I welcome you to watch this naughty video of hers, to see what is she going to do now, with this guy! bridgette-b-fucking-bangbrosJust wait and see! She asked this colleague of hers to come at her place and explain her how to make that project, for work. But the truth is that she only wanted to fuck with this guy, since she didn’t got the chance until now, so that was only an excuse for her to ask him to come over and stuff that giant cock into her eager pussy! Oh, she is such a good liar, but it’s all worthy, since he got to stuff his cock into Bridgette ‘s pussy hole, without any other efforts! Just take a look at her, she is so happy when she is fucking! If you liked this cutie check out Anna Angel website and watch another beauty revealing her perfectly shaped body!

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